The mantra: taking risks is our MO. Period.

With 5 years behind the camera and a decades’ worth of harnessed creativity, Steph brings a new approach to editorial, beauty, and product exploration through the lens. She blends a seamless mix of crispy bright with luxe moodiness that has become the signature Goth Gloss ‘edit’.


The mantra: art is chaos taking shape. 

In the Gothgloss direction process, we weave together what lives inside you. Your ideas, your storylines, your passions. And we showcase these stories through harnessed, raw, emotion-evoking visuals.

creative direction

The mantra: discovering the unexpected magic through different perspectives. 

Through image styling, GG hones in on the forever mentality of taking risks. By maneuvering the lens, tilting the camera, tweaking a product layout, or spilling a liquid, we shapeshift from what was once expected to something out of this world. The big question we ask at the forefront: how and where will this image fit into the story? This allows us to dive in a bit deeper to ensure the end product speaks for itself.

image styling


let's make some

Are you ready to go all-in?

We mean the can't sleep, excited jitters, overflow of ideas, kind of energy? Well then, let's make some magic baby.


-Jenny strebe, aiir professional

What can I say about Steph. I was drawn to her aesthetic of photography at the beginning but now getting to work with her for almost a year I realize she brings to the table so much more. I'm so glad I get to work with her consistently on my brand.


If you want unique, next-level creative photo and video that instantly elevates your brand, work with Stephanie and her team. Not only is she a true visionary, always dreaming up new ideas and perspectives, she's an amazing human and beyond incredible to work with.


We worked with Steph from GOTHGLOSS on a recent editorial campaign for our lifestyle brand and we couldn't have chosen anyone better to capture the vision we had! When we received the photos, we couldn't have asked for anything better and have truly become one of our favorite brand photoshoots to date and contributed to the success of the collection!