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High-quality photography continues to be the most effective tool that drives brand awareness and engagement. When teaming up with GG, you are immediately entered into a rolodex of pure magic. A place beyond limitations and where tasking risks are simply, required. 

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Why this epic freebie, magazine moment? Simply put -
I wanted to connect. To connect the dots.
These pages are filled with intentional insight, food for your brain, and inspiration to kick start your creativity.
 Let’s boogie baby.

-CHristine kane, Freeze co beauty

Working with Steph has been such a dream. She and her team work like a well-oiled machine and are incredibly in tune with one another. Steph is very professional, organized, punctual, humble and kind-- an absolute delight to work with. This shoot exceeded my expectations, and I left inspired and excited for our future. She absolutely nailed my vision and brought it to life. I cannot wait for our next session, and honestly cannot recommend working with the Goth Gloss team enough.

-Hanna Marcus, boundless copy

I put off brand photos for my business for years. After working with Steph and the Gothgloss team, it was fate that I never hired anyone else. Because  no one can top the experience, end results, and straight up VIBES that Gothgloss brings to the table.

Steph and her team took my vision of what I wanted and made it 1,00,000x better than I ever could have dreamed. To say that I'm happy with the end result is an understatement. Steph is talented, her team is undeniably savvy, and aside from just delivering the dreamiest images and video, I straight up wanted to hang out with the entire crew for as long as they'd have me.

If you're thinking of investing in Gothgloss, I'm here to say stop thinking and just do it.

-Sarah Wilson, twofifty jewelry

Gothgloss is a creative genius and we are SO GLAD we found her! As a brand we needed someone to truly understand US and portray that with artful imagery. She has blown every one of our expectations out of the water!