I am happiest when my face is buried in a camera, helping individuals and brands tell their story through creative, compelling and clean visuals that capture an audience and create lasting impressions. Brand visuals help your audience create a relationship with your products and people, and my goal is to showcase your products in a way that stops people in their tracks and makes them want to know more. 

I strive to produce images that are not only aligned to your brand, but that push the boundaries of what everyone expects brand photography to be.


take risks

As a successful makeup artist for over 10 years, I became acutely aware that everything from a professional set to a large bridal party was a moving piece of art, and I loved that I was able to contribute in that way for so long. Honing my skills as a makeup artist, educator, and agency owner, I created a robust community of hair and makeup artists, photographers, curators, and set designers, which in turn left me with an incredible drive to move behind the camera and orchestrate these moments on a larger scale. Moving to photography was the most natural transition for me, and I believe it is truly my creative calling.

And, in September of 2020, I received another creative calling when I became a mom to Wyatt Rose. If you follow my photography journey, you will surely see images of her and my family - so please know that when you work with me, you support us! It is an honor to work with my clients who support local artists, and our partnership together means more than you know. 



Photographer / Assistant

Haley Baumgartner

Client  Experience / Production

Wyatt Rutt